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Back in November last year, we had the pleasure of printing Talkless – A Decade of DIY, a coffee table book celebrating the ten-year anniversary of Sydney-based DIY record label Lesstalk Records.

Limited to a run of 50 copies, these were printed digitally in full colour on 150gsm Hanno Silk, laminated in velvety soft-touch matt on the outer cover, perfect bound, and finished off beautifully with two options of digital foil colours on the front.

Author and label founder Matheson couldn’t decide on black or gold. There was some back and forth about whether gold was too luxe, and if  black fit the ‘punk ethos’ better. Eventually we said, “por que no los dos?”


Is it still DIY to get your book professionally printed? If you spend over a year tracking down all the photos, poster artwork (much of it from Myspace!) zine articles etc. and assemble it all together yourself, clocking in at 84 pages….yes.

You can read more about the label and book on the Lesstalk website, and as it happens there are actually 2 copies of the black foil version left, available direct from the Bandcamp.

Booklet printing is one of our favourite kinds of projects, and we consider it to be among the things we do best. Anything from a coffee table book of artwork, your precious memoirs, straight up fiction, even property information memorandums, there’s nothing like seeing a concept come to life. Also I am hella nosy and like to read them.

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