large stapled booklet brochure printing

Brochure printing – sealing the deal

Brochure printing is one of the most useful and versatile forms of print marketing. Flyers are useful for mass marketing, but a brochure is often specifically aimed at someone who is already interested. You’ve got them on the hook, now it’s time to reel them in! Uses for brochure printing Some of the myriad uses […]

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pantone ink offset printing

About Offset Printing

We are often asked, “what is offset printing?” usually followed by, “which is better between offset and digital printing?” Both methods are valid (as are you, reader). There are circumstances that determine whether one method is more suitable for you than the other, such as volume, colour reproduction, and paper choice. In this post we […]

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Behind the Scenes at MJ

Ready to launch into another week of printing, at the MJ printing laboratory. Machines warming up, both old and new, all the astronauts are suited up. Some of the equipment will be used for business card production, some will be used for brochure production. Some of the equipment will be used for prototyping new ideas […]

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Our Story

The beginning MJ Printing was started in 1972 by John Housey, doing letterpress in his father’s garage. In due course he needed to find a factory for his growing business, so he started with a small factory in Abbotsford, then a few years later relocated to larger premises nearby, at 1 Duke Street. Meanwhile a […]

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Stapled booklets and physics – a love story

A saddle-stitched or stapled booklet is a booklet of up to about 64 pages, bound at the spine using two staples. This is usually the most economical method of binding a booklet.  However, the amount of times I have been asked for a booklet with a weird number of pages like 10, or even 7, […]

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