Recently we had the pleasure of printing and binding “A Bright Lot”, one teacher’s recollection of working in a high school in Bright, Victoria, in the 1970’s.

Our client, the graphic designer, came to us with a custom size, and the somewhat uncommon requirement for french flaps. These are the extra long parts of a book cover that are usually seen as part of a dust jacket. In this case, the flaps just fold in.

As a manufacturer, we will always offer you the most economical method of producing your work.

Whilst working on the quote with the supplied specifications, we came up with a competitive price. Then we ran an option of slightly reducing the size of the book, which reduced the price by nearly 25%.

So once you are committed to working with us, we then can make a fully bound sample.

There are not many other Manufacturing Companies in Print that want to give you a prototype, so that you can get a clear vision of how your final product will look and feel.